Megg (just4jensenra) wrote in meetthegods,

Strange Question

Ok I know I am new but I am doing research for one particular thing right now. And I need a little help The reason I ask the following is because I am on a fan board for the show called Supernatural. And We have been debating for months what he necklace means. One mythology board point out to me that it is possibly African. I was wondering if you could take a look a let me know what you think. Enclosed is a picture of this necklace. Type your cut contents here.

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Here is what Dean Winchester says about that amulet

He always wears a brass amulet[1] on a long black cloth band necklace. While the significance of the necklace is unknown, it is clearly quite important to Dean (Ackles has claimed in an interview that it is an Egyptian protection amulet, but this has been yet to be proved in an episode).
The thing with Wikipedia is anyone with account can change the site.. A lot of Supernatural fans have changed stuff on there over several times. (Bare in mind Wikipedia is the site that once stated Jensen was married a lady name Steph. It turned out to be Steph spreading the rumors.) I am looking for a liable source. Not a fanbased source.
Do a google search on it. I've done that with the other mythology stuff. Hopefully sometime the show will explain more about it.
That is what I have been doing ans still coming up with nothing that is why I have posted it here, hopefully someone with a little more knowledge on the subject could point me in the right direction. ( I would comment about he show part but don't want to give away spoilers. I noticed you were a fan too..)
The google search is harder then it sounds due to lack of information of it's origin)
I know.. I just hope that they explain it more in detail this season hopefully. I wonder where they found it.

Yeah I like the show too. *grins*
COOL!! yeah me too.. I added you to my firends so we could talk about the show, more.
Cool I'll add you back asap.
Is that what the show is claiming it is? -Cernunnos?

If so then I'm glad I quit watching the show.

I have a TRUE Cernunnos pendant.

Here's a link:

Notice that Cernunnos is shown with ANTLERS!
The necklace is made-up for the show. It's not traditional nor does it come come from any folklore, mythology, or actual religion.

It does seem to be a bit African in design, but again it's just a necklace.

This said, a spell (or curse) can be placed on any object.

Also, people tend to have 'good luck objects' wich can be anything as well, as long as people form the belief that the object brings them luck.

FYI: There is a difference between and Amulet and a Talisman.

An Amulet is an object which protects the wearer.

The word 'Talisman' refers to any magical item believed by it's owner to have power, including protection. Therefore an Amulet is a form of Talisman but Amulets themselves are only for protection.

Hope this helps. I used to be a fan of the show when it first aired but quickly got bored with it. I haven't seen an episode of it in a long time.