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Speaking of the Goddesses. . .

Hi! I'm Rhiannon (for real, you can even check my birth certificate) and I am incredibly interested in ancient mythology and am currently a Wiccan. I am always trying to find new information on the gods/goddesses I already know a little about. Currently I am in search of information concerning Freya and Hectate. I am currently making some headway, but not much.

Just a little info on me: I am a college soph in Indiana, double majoring in Fashion Design and French. I am pretty active with my college in various activities. I have been researching Wicca for about 6 years, but only recently have I gotten the urge to practice. I think She is telling me that the time is good to start now **shrugs**.

Just wanted to introduce myself to the group.

Grey Squirrel
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Have you read the Poetic Edda? It is basically the original source for many of the Norse myths. It is mainly about heroes, Odin, Thor et al, but Freyia certainly makes an appearance. From what I remember, in the copy I had, they also had a big bibliography which might be worth a look for inspiration? Good luck, hope you find useful stuff
Hi I just added you. Umm would be ok if you added me back? Please I am into studying of goddesses and gods

~The Flower Guaridan ~"Rosey"
hey. i am from indiana. fun place, eh? hecate and freya are two of my favs. a good source for contemporary norse magick is freya aswynn's "northern mysteries & magick". not freya specific, but definitely gets you aquainted with contempory norse tradition. hecate is a harder goddess to follow. what i know of her comes from searching through many archeaology books. a contemporary source of info is robert von rudloff's "hekate: in ancient greek religion". hecate is one cool chic. anyway, good luck to you..