angelix_1x2 (angelix_1x2) wrote in meetthegods,

I need some info/advice! :-D

I need some advice/information, everyone! :-)
I just recently decided to start working with patrol deities and I could use some help/advice...

Due to certain life circumstances and events, Persephone (I feel) has been in my life longer than I've ever been able to define.

I have for the last 11 years, been practicing under the beliefs of not naming my deities and simply just referring to Them as God and Goddess. I felt like I didn't want to limit that which is limitless.

On that note: I wanted to futher expand myself spiritually and have decided to work with Persephone and 'adopt' her as my Patroness.

I feel as if she adopted me years ago though.

With that being said: does anyone know any good rituals used to contact her and develop a relationship with her? I am very new to the naming of deities so, please bear with me.

I have tried using my own rituals - written with her in mind, symbolism and myth taken into consideration - and yet, I feel that to 'jumpstart' our relationship, I should go with something more traditional.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone.
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