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I need some info/advice! :-D

I need some advice/information, everyone! :-)
I just recently decided to start working with patrol deities and I could use some help/advice...

Due to certain life circumstances and events, Persephone (I feel) has been in my life longer than I've ever been able to define.

I have for the last 11 years, been practicing under the beliefs of not naming my deities and simply just referring to Them as God and Goddess. I felt like I didn't want to limit that which is limitless.

On that note: I wanted to futher expand myself spiritually and have decided to work with Persephone and 'adopt' her as my Patroness.

I feel as if she adopted me years ago though.

With that being said: does anyone know any good rituals used to contact her and develop a relationship with her? I am very new to the naming of deities so, please bear with me.

I have tried using my own rituals - written with her in mind, symbolism and myth taken into consideration - and yet, I feel that to 'jumpstart' our relationship, I should go with something more traditional.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone.
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One way to start is to look up everything you can about her. Sometimes, you find connections between myths and cultures that at first seem very different. Start with learning more about her.
I have a very personal relationship with Sephie, culminating in drawing her down for last Mabon. If you are you looking for more resources/someone else's experience (and I have a links page as well), check out the website:
That re-telling of the Demeter/Hades/Persephone tale was beautiful.

I'd love to be able to recreate it myself but I am cursed (and blessed sometimes) not to be a part of a coven.

How would you recommend establishing an open (as opposed to mainly subconscious) connection and relationship to her?
I think it would depend on what you would like out of the relationship. Probably a good place to start would be to find out as much information as possible about her. What do you think of her story? How do you see her? It depends on how immersed you want to be . . .I was very blessed to have a team of people working with me and watching out for me so I could get as immersed as I wanted to get and then have a hip non-pagan friend understand that the day after mabon, all I wanted to do was put on my jeans and sneakers and go to the mall with her and gossip and eat cheese fries.

Imo, start by learning like I mentioned and then do something for her. Do you like to draw? Or sing? Or make jewelry? Make something for her. Maybe even start a small daily devotional to her (pomergrante juice is now blessedly easy to find) where you say a prayer to her and share a cup of pomergrante juice with her. Don't worry about finding the "proper words" or actions from a book, do what's in your heart. If you want to sing a song to her every day because that makes you feel close, do so! And as you do more devotions or rituals or whatever you are comfortable with, look to see if she's saying anything back. Do you see her in your dreams? Do you see natural omens that seem to come from her? I realized she was tailing me when I wrote the poem and it felt more like automatic writing than just writing.

And finally, if you are doing things for her for a decent period of time and there's nothing at all coming back, she may not be interested. Our senior druid says it's like talking to someone at a party. If you're talking to them for an hour and they haven't said anything to you, they're probably not interested and possibly even annoyed.


Good luck!