Liebeslied Engel (dis_o_bedience) wrote in meetthegods,
Liebeslied Engel

hi, i just joined. briefly, i was raised in a Traditional Gardnerian Wiccan household. i hae had training toward an initiation onto that path, but due to circumstances beyond my control, that option is no longer open to me. i am currently in the very beginning stages of developing my own system of practice that will be heavily influenced by the Traditionalist views and beliefs i have been taught. as such, i thought it prudent to learn as much about as many deities as possible, so i'm here.

and just a side note (and if this isn't allowed, the mod(s) just need to let me know), i run a Pagan/Wiccan/Witchy/Occult/etc. graphics community, art_of_spirit. thought some of you may be interested. also, i have a spirituality journal, nichneven that anyone here is free to browse.

glad to be here.
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