Ashleigh "Rhiannon" (freyjas_dottir) wrote in meetthegods,
Ashleigh "Rhiannon"

Merry Meet! I would like some help please

Hello everyone I was hoping if someone could help me with researching my Lord and Lady? They are Cernunnos and Freyja. If anyone has any references online or good books to read about the Celtic and Norse Trads it would be greatly appriciated. Also if anyone knows any songs, invocations, etc for them it would be great as well Thanks.
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Your best bet is to look up the mythology first and foremost. Look at all different kinds of sources, and check out the authors of any books you find too. There can be a lot of just really off information out there on a lot of this stuff, so look up as much as you can. Then, see what you think makes sense, and what sounds like bunk. If you do a google search on either name you should get quite a few results. Look in the mythology or folklore sections of your bookstore for some good books. Those would be great places to start. Traditions vary a great deal, but again, the internet is always a place to start, just take everything you read with a grain of salt, especially online.
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