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Cernunnos at home

Cernunnos, X, MMV
Images from this past weekend, in the Allerton Woods and Estate.

tending to concerns of the wild

Merry Met, Merry Part, Merry meet again.

I thought these images might be appreciated here.
My antler are self-made, latern paper and wire--no animal has been harmed in the process. I did take pains to create The Horned One with seven tines and a torc. In future I hope to make a horned seperent to complete the image.

I wish I had a more solid reference for the previous poster asking about Cernunnos. I am afraid my findings are rather standard faire. (To my surprise the oldest of my books do not even mention this spirit. To think such an omission comming from the 1768 edition of the Britannica.)

Blessed be,

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